Bike To Work Month

May is Bike to Work month, with May 14th being Bike to Work Day.

The local Bay Area Bicycle Coalition ran a bike to work challenge. Whereby local companies signed up teams of bike commuters, who accumulated points for every day they bike commute in May. I signed up Blekko and drafted 4 other coworkers to complete the team roster.

Blekko did alright in the standings, despite most of the team having a 24+ mile one-way commute! Where we really did well was total miles bike, over 1240, of which 498 were mine. Sadly miles have no impact on final score, or else we would have been 3rd in San Mateo County.

Here are some observations from a month of bike commuting:
  1. Fewer trips by car means fewer visits to the gas station.
  2. I keep leaving the house withoug my car keys, several "doh!" moments this month.
  3. Eating more and sill losing weight is very cool.
  4. Great training for the Death Ride in July.
  5. Redwood Shores has the worst stop light sensors. Almost none detect bikes.
  6. I am super impressed by Krishna, still very new to cycling, who rode to work from the East Bay across the Dumbarton bridge. Dude!
  7. Clearly the way to win the Bike Commute Challenge is to have lots of "Novice" riders (scoring maximum points), have multiple teams (for the company stadings), and bike every day. :)
It has been a great month of biking, and the experience has established the habit of biking to work for the rest of the summer.


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